Contact usDPA - is a manufacturing analysis system, designed for real - time CNC machines monitoring. Our monitoring system allows to make a timely decisions based on actual information, gathered directly from machinery.

A combination of sms and email notifications, reports and visualizations, helps to implement the principles of lean production. It allows for complete production transparency of the shopping floor, and helps companies to optimize usage of production equipment and manufacturing pace.

DPA easily connects to the popular CNC's such as Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhaim, Okuma, Маяк, БалтСистем, HAAS, HURCO, Mazak and others using plug&play. DPA installation does not require any additional equipment or controllers, our system takes advantage of available software protocols to interact with CNC.


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Reports and KPI

DPA offers a large amount of standard reports, covering product release, equipment load, and equipment downtime. System not only incorporates standard productivity coefficients such as OEE, but also provides a means to configure any other additional coefficients, which will help you to analyze the efficiency of production process.

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Production mode and events timeline

DPA allows to obtain the detailed information related to manufacturing equipment operation for a given amount of time, including machine state, operation mode, downtime, control program, error, messages, parameters, such as feed adjuster values, spindle load and many more.

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Equipment downtime analysis

Along with providing an instrument for prompt incidents and downtime response, DPA also allows to analyze critical repetitive problem occurring with your equipment.

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Planning and dispatching

Control the production plan, assign task to the operators digitally. Operator panels are optimized for touch screens. There is a possible option for integration with MES or ERP to synchronize the production plan and task finalization report export.

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Real time equipment operation state

DPA helps to make real-time decisions by providing customizable monitoring panels and notifications, which control the production process.

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Automatic data gathering

Objective equipment operation information is gathered directly from CNC stands and does not require any user input.

Technical support forum

For any commercial or technical questions related to DPA, or manufacturing control systems, please refer to our support forum. Support forum is here.


Productivity increase

DPA provides transparency of production process, equipment and staff operation. Organization can improve the way it operates, maximize OEE and increase productivity.

Optimal usage of existing equipment

DPA allows to increase an outcome without purchasing additional equipment or hiring more staff.

Delivery terms compliance

Promptly react to deviations, when production doesn't match the initial plan. Delays in production may be avoided beforehand, maintaining compliance with obligations and commitments.

Increased staff motivation

Operators receive an immediate feedback about results of their work.

Elimination of user input

Operators don't have to write down the data or keep the operation log. Absence of user input minimizes the human factor and rises the reliability of information. 

Search and elimination of repetitive problems.

Reports system provides the means to detect and analyze arising problems, guiding user to an optimal solution to eliminate them.

MES integration

Advanced planning and scheduling

Labeling, bar coding, RFID-technology

Warehouse management, WMS

Technological processes control


Quality Assurance

Tools and equipment management

Repairs and maintenance management

Staff management

Integration with SCADA, ERP, PDM, PLM


System integrators

Helping with implementation of DPA to the end - user.

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CNC machine vendors

Product cross-certification and dealer terms.

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Educational and training organizations

Offers for educational and training organizations.

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